Salt Lake City Explodes with Growth


The Salt Lake City area has been growing for decades. And why not, it’s a nice place to live and a great place to raise a family, plus it’s one of the best recreational cities in the country.

But the area is no longer just growing- it is exploding!

Here are some of the major developments happening right now or in the very near future;

Valley Fair Mall remodel– Scott Satterfield and Greg Helm of Satterfield Helm Management have bought West Valley City’s Valley Fair Mall at 3500 South and 2700 West and plan to spend more than $50Million renovating it into an open-air mall. Costco has already signed on as an anchor tenant and many businesses have expressed interest. That entire area has seen a lot of expansion in the last few years with the E-Center, Hollywood Connection entertainment complex and the dozens of restaurants, hotels and stores being built.


Kennecott Land Development– Kennecott Land plans to develop more than 80,000 acres of land along Salt Lake’s west bench over the next 20-50 years. It’s first development, Daybreak, is 4126 acres of parks, trails, a private man-made lake, and open space and will have 13,000 homes, 5.2 million SF of office space, 2.4 million SF of retail space and 1.5 million SF of industrial space. And that’s just the first development.

Downtown City Creek- Downtown Salt Lake is being completely transformed with the demolition and complete rebuild of 20 acres right in the heart of the city. City Creek will have 2 Million square feet of office space, 928,000 square feet of retail space, 5600 underground parking stalls, over 400 high-rise condos (not including additional future residential developments), a sky-walk over State Street and more than 6 full acres of open-air pedestrian walkways and paths, including a glass-roof arcade, gardens and fountains. Water will flow throughout the green space, descending more than 47 feet from one end to the other.

Trolley Square Remodel- Another 20,000 square feet of retail space is being added to historic Trolley Square during it’s renovation. Also planned are outdoor features, such as water fountains, dining areas, and fireplaces.

Real Salt Lake Soccer Stadium-Uath’s professional soccer team, Real Salt Lake, is buildinga 42-acre $180 Million stadium and hotel in Sandy. But that’s only part of the plan- the entire project will be $650 Million, 136-acre multi-use project.

IKEA Draper-IKEA has broken ground on its new 310,000 SF Draper location and is hiring 350 workers for it’s spring 2007 opening. The store will sit on 22.5 acres and will also feature a 300-seat restaurant.

KraftMade Facility-Kraftmade Cabinetry is building a new $106 Million 700,000 SF manufacturing plant in West Jordan at 9800 S. 6200 West that will bring an additional 1300 new jobs to the area.

Add these projects to the 2600-acre Traverse Mountain community and new 150,000 SF Cabelasin Lehi and the new LDS temples being built in Draper and South Jordan and you have a valley bursting with development and growth.


2 thoughts on “Salt Lake City Explodes with Growth

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