Testing Your Home for Meth


Last year Utah state Senator Bob Bennett introduced a $3.5 Million spending bill that included $600,000 to fight meth in Utah. The bill was approved by the Senate and signed into law last year.

Now, Health Department officials in Cache, Box Elder, and Rich Counties have created a meth-testing program where residences can have a home tested for the toxic drug and it’s meth-related chemicals for $150.

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug and is made from common household chemicals. The drug stimulates the central nervous system and when it is produced, can leave a residue throughout the building it is made or used. This residue can be harmful and even deadly and can be found in walls, floors, plumbing, furniture, and even counter-tops and fixtures.

There aren’t any other areas around the state where local health departments will provide this service (although private companies are available), but Logan Police Sgt. Bret Randall says he thinks the service will be popular and other counties around the state will copy the program. “Your main customer will be the Realtors”, Randall says.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration says that it considers meth the number one drug threat in Utah with 49 kilograms seized statewide in 2005 and with it’s lingering harmful effects.

When selling a home that has had meth in it, you need to have the home certified clean by the state before occupants are allowed to inhabit the home.

Once the home has been certified by the state, you no longer need to disclose that the home had meth present in it. The state just passed that into law two years ago and now when a home that has been certified clean it should not be stigmatized with the “meth house” label.

To test your home for meth in the Salt Lake area click HERE.


18 thoughts on “Testing Your Home for Meth

  1. LOL thats got to be a fun contingency to tack onto a purchase offer.

    “We offer $280,000, with the standard riders of a home inspection, mortgage approval…. oh and we need to find out if you guys were running a meth lab here.”

  2. This is apparently an extraordinarily serious problem. In a class I was told that if we walked into a meth home, we should immediately walk back out and burn all of our clothes. Even walking into our own homes wearing the same shoes could contaminate the home. I’m still learning about the effects and symptoms of a meth house, but don’t look forward to my first time walking in one.

  3. For the house to be certified it needs to be tested by the state and if there is any traces of meth it needs to be cleaned and then re-tested before certification. We have a listed home that just got certified yesterday. It took about a month to go through the cleaning and certification process.

    In Utah, once a home has been certified clean a seller no longr needs to disclose that the home ever had meth in it. This is to ensure the home is not stigmatized by the “meth house” label.

  4. Hi, I am purchasing a home in dawsonville GA and it was a drug house what steps should I take myself or demand from the listing agent to make the home “clean” before purchase and move in?

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  6. I prchase my home about 2 years ago and now I am selling it and the people that are buying have done a meth test and say my house has meht in it. the test showed 2.8 what does this mean. I have never done meth in my life let alone in my house how could this test say this

  7. Bill,

    I suggest contacting the state or a private company to ask them what levels are safe and what needs to be done about it. I believe the tests are actually testing for the chemicals used in producing the drug along with the drug itself, so there may be some reasoning behind your house testing higher than what is considered safe.

    Or perhaps the people who owned the home before you used the drug- the residue lasts for quite a while, which is why the cleaning process is so lengthy and costly.

    Sorry to hear about your circumstance- good luck to you.

  8. What does the contamination with meth do the the retail price and re-saleability of a home. Even though the home may test clean, and disclosure is not required, the neighborhood knows the history of the home and will freely offer this information to any future buyer thus placing the stigma on the home for years to come.

  9. When we bought our house it was a fixer upper for sure, and our neighbors told us that the people that lived here did do drugs. We have lived in our house for over five years now, and the whole time we have be sick nonstop. What are the effects of living in a house with Meth? We don’t know what to. Do we have it tested and risk loosing everything we have in the house and maybe our house too? And will home insurance help us our would we be out on the street? Does anyone have any answers or can point us in the right direction?

  10. Hello
    I am in New Zealand, last week I had my home tested for meth, the bathroom and laundry tested positive, the en suite, where due to chemical smells, yellow/brown spots on the walls and metallic flavours in my mouth and other symptoms, was where I expected meth to be, showed no signs of meth, either in the or, or on swabs. However over a few days since the swabbing was done, the counter top and one end of the hand basin has turned bright yellow, as has an area on the ceiling where the marks were swabbed. The company that swabbed it with dry swabs, have no idea why. I wondered if anybody could shed any light on it. I am renting the property and would like an answer before deconamination is done, as at this stage, this room, which I am most concerned about, will not be decontaminated.
    Maybe someone else has answers.
    Many thanks

  11. DO all realtors when previewing numerous vacant properties with their clients in a single day, WEAR HAZMAT suits when they first enter each vacant property?

    Meth pre-screening tool now available to evaluate any property for meth contamination at Calif. RfD 1.5..

    Short video on how easy it is to test for toxic meth.

    Think of it like getting into someone else’s car or a rental car while on vacation. You have no history about who has been in that vehicle or who has been a house/apartment/condo/motel/hotel or a college dorm room before you.
    Not all vehicles may have meth contamination and not all houses that are for sale may be contaminated with meth. If you get into a vehicle and it has odd smells or is dirty you have immediate concerns. Houses in which meth was manufactured, even after vacant for long periods (years if not sold) of time have certain notable characteristics as opposed to a home in which meth was only smoked.

    Remember meth residue is both invisible and odorless.

    Anyone that has this user friendly pre-screening meth scanning technology can be a meth history Investigator. Anyone in possession of this technology is able to look into the HISTORY of any property when it comes to wondering if meth was ever used.

    You as a meth Investigator are able to sample 100’s of surface areas inside a structure for under $10.00 with this pre-screening tool.

    How many realtors and their clients run their hands across marble counter tops? Where do realtors place their sign in sheets, or business cards? Were any on these locations pre-screened for hazardous meth residue before touching these inside surfaces?

    Don’t take my word, read the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s report. Facts & Fictions about Secondhand Meth Exposure.



  12. Someone said to spray. Spray starch on the walls and if it turns blue than they have been cooking meth. Is this true? Because in an apartment complex someone has said that they seen this person cooking it. And it was brought to the managers attention and the main office said to spray the walls with spray starch.

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