Outdoor Smoking Ban Passes in Salt Lake City


The Salt Lake City Council voted unanimously last night to pass an ordinance banning smoking in outdoor public places. This means that it will be against ordinance to smoke in Library Square, on trails, public parks and baseball diamonds, golf courses, soccer fields, city cemetery, and within 25 feet of bus stops and 50 feet of public gatherings of 100 or more people on city property.

Councilwoman Jill Remington Love says, “What we’re really after is a cultural change. We’re really trying to create safe, healthy places with our parks.” 

The initial proposed fine for breaking the ordinance was around $300, but was lowered and passed at $25. Enforcement will be nominal.

Before the ordinance can take effect, it must be signed by the mayor and published in major newspapers, which should take another week or two.

According to the Surgeon General nine other cities in Utah already prohibit smoking in parks;  Clinton, Hyde Park, Logan, Midvale, Riverton, Sandy, South Jordan, Spanish Fork, and West Jordan.

There are close to 600 cities across the country that have outdoor smoking ordinances.


12 thoughts on “Outdoor Smoking Ban Passes in Salt Lake City

  1. I hope Salt Lake City enjoys the business impact of the smoking ban on golf courses! I don’t plan to play in Salt Lake City anymore! I guess everyone in state prisons have more rights than law abiding citizens! They can smoke outdoors! Hypocrisy at its highest!

  2. I’m just curious, but does anybody have any statistics for the dangers of second-hand smoking in outdoor parks? I smoke, but I don’t have any particular issue with no longer smoking in parks. However, I’m just curious if there is any proof or if this just rhetoric behind this supposed “safe, healthy” park ordinance?

  3. Smoking natzi’s are everywhere. I will not be golfing in SLC ever again, which means I will also not be staying in SLC hotels or eating in their restaurants. I guess it is OK if most of America is unhealthy from obesity. What’s next?? Hershey bars will be banned from consumption in Liberty Square, parks, baseball diamonds, golf courses, public parks, trails, soccor fields and THE CEMETARY! Geez, those folks are already dead, aren’t they? The smoking natzi’s don’t really realize what they are getting themselves into.

  4. There are no smoking natzis. Get a grip! I don’t want to be exposed to secondhand smoke. There are people who die of lung cancer that were only exposed to secondhand smoke. Smoking leads to emphysema, COPD and chronic bronchitis. I think everyone should try to stop smoking for their health. I am no trying to be controlling or anything, it will just help your lungs and lead to years added onto your life. But… if you dont want that, that’s your choice.

  5. In the 1960″s 50% of the populations of the United States Smoked and EVERYONE was exposed to second hand smoke daily. Now less than 25% of the population smokes and for the last ten years it has been relatively hard to expose yourself to second hand smoke. In spite of this all forms of cancer and heart disease have increased dramatically. WE are only hurting ourselves by blaming EVERYTHING on smoking and taking away peoples rights. There are more cancer causing chemicals in a hamburger from Burger King than in a whole pack of cigarettes. Sodium benzoate that preserves your soda is a known cancer causing agent. We should probably ban both of those and a lot more other crap that we put into and on our bodies because it is obvious to anyone who bothers to check it out that continued attacks on smoking are not producing any measurable results. In Fact if you look at statistics on cancer and heart disease etc and compare those to the trends in smoking it looks like the less you smoke the worse off you are. The European Union has passed very few non-smoking laws, but they did ban 300 plus know cancer causing chemicals from cosmetics that Americans are still slathering all over their bodies and they have much lower cancer rates than we do. Pull your heads out legislators and self righteous morons. There’s a lot more causing our nation horrible health than smoking. Let alone the slight whiff of smoke you might inhale once a month in a public place. I have been a non-smoker for nearly 20 years and this whole issue irritates me. We are taking away peoples personal right with no proof at all when we could be passing laws that would actually help. The only problem with that is that we would really irritate a lot of big businesses.

  6. Jeez, looks like smoking’s gonna be banned EVERYWHERE pretty soon! Luckily, smoking bans (and ridiculously high tobacco taxes) don’t affect me (even though I smoke a pack a day) ever since I switched to electronic cigarettes! If this happens, you should too. Hell, even if it doesn’t, you still should. E-cigarettes are much safer than regular cigarettes, and you can smoke them anywhere cigarettes are banned (bars, restaurants, even airplanes)!

    I found this blog that helped me figure out which brand of e-cigarette I should buy. If you’re considering switching over, I hope this page helps you like it helped me:


    And here are some videos with information about how e-cigs work:


    • Thank you Pragmatic, I am also an E-Smoker, but you would be surprised (or not) at the people now freaking out saying that they are inhaling the nicotine too.
      Sorry no. The nicotine is absorbed by the mucus membranes of the mouth. All you see is pretty white vapor.

      I personally use the DSE-901 in the black, with the blue LED. I just LOVE those two colors, and I am going to customize it further with having my name engraved on it soon 😀

  7. You get all of the feeling of smoking, even the “smoke,” without any of the harmful side-effects and chemicals that are in regular tobacco smoke. But not only that, you can use the e-cigarette anywhere!!

  8. “I wont be playing golf in SLC anymore.” I’ll go play with you in any city that allows smoking, but lets walk 18 holes, while you smoke lets see who plays better. Up for 36? Keep up your smoking and I don’t think you will be playing golf much longer anyway.

    Good luck finding a quality hotel to stay in while your here. By the way, ALL Marriott hotels are smoke free now, enjoy Motel 6.

    I work at a Marriott in downtown SLC, our hotel is hovering around 75% occupancy, and downtown bars and restaurants are booming. Weird huh?

    I guess they did realize the impact of their decision. Weird, healthy choices do make an impact after all. (but it’s a positive one)

  9. Recently I visited my mom in slc, she has some relitives that live with her, smokers. Her home stinks with smoke, blinds, walls, and furniture. She is afraid to say anything to them about it for reprocutions. She doesn’t smoke but its not healthy for. What can she do?

  10. Yes, tell all your mates you know to look on the
    web for e-cigarettes to check how massive this industry is, and how
    big the selection is for these excellent products
    is. What really gets my goat, though, are
    the growing number of posts in the media saying how deadly they are.
    Apparently the bloody pharma companies – the producers of nicotine harm reduction aids are backing an anti electronic ciigarette war – not
    so much the fag companies (as you might presume) – as they tobacco manufacturers are putting money into them.
    I can FEEL the improvements of e cigs. Just broadcasting – that there is always
    some hidden agenda with these faceless entities trying to prohibit e cigarettes .
    .. our country’s masters should do a lot more to help. This makes me so annoyed. Thanks Outdoor Smoking Ban Passes in Salt Lake City | BlueRoof Blog- News and Opinion About Real Estate & Technology.

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