Draper City Approves Light Rail


The Draper City Council last night unanimously approved a new light-rail (TRAX) route to run 8 miles through the city and down in Utah County. The new TRAX line will cost $245- $300 million to build and approximately $6 million to run every year.

The debate has gotten heated in the weeks leading up to the vote, with many residences unhappy about the idea of a train running along 3.5 miles of the Porter Rockwell trail.

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bought the right of way (with the consent of Draper residences) on an existing Union Pacific rail line back in 1993 for the purpose of running TRAX on it.

Trains will run at an average speed of 37 mph every 15 minutes or so and carry an estimated 3540 new riders every weekday. It is estimated that the new rail line will also reduce the number of vehicles on the road by 1150 each weekday.

TRAX says the new route is not high on it’s priorities, with new extensions already planned to the west and north, and estimates the Draper line won’t be running for at least 5-7 years.


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