How to Get on TechCrunch


Many companies that have been featured on TechCrunch say that within days their new company has hundreds of thousands of visitors. Some say that TechCrunch can launch a company better than $Millions worth of advertising. And it’s free.

Tricky part is getting on.

For those who don’t know, Techcrunch is a blog that talks about new start-ups and is one of the most-viewed blogs on the internet. Michael Arrington is the founder and editor.

I met Michael at Inman Connect. I think the reason his blog has become so powerful is he seems like a really down-to-earth guy who actually cares about what he’s doing. He is truthful about his opinions and he breaks big stories first. And even though he doesn’t feature most of the dozens of stories and companies that are submitted daily (TechCrunch only runs three or four features/day) he never comes off as smug or pretentious.

Guy Kawasaki has an interview with Michael Arrington discussing the TechCrunch blog and phenomenon.

If you are launching a start-up then you will definately want to see this video, where they discuss how to be written up on the one place that gets you more exposure to VC’s than anywhere else.


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