The Future of Real Estate and Limousines


Andy Denton writes a great post about differences in transportation options and how they are similar to the choices consumers have with real estate brokerages. It’s good reading and it has a good message.

When it comes to personal services, there are so many choices and people telling you to look this way or that. The part that I really enjoyed about Andy’s story is the illustration that price does not always equal quality. Sometimes you pay more for sub-par quality, and sometimes higher quality actually costs you less, such as the case with a limousine costing less than a taxi for a ride home from the airport. Why pay more for a taxi when you can have a limo for less, and it’s better quality?

There are different business models and different agents, and each have their own merits. At the end of the day just look at how much it will cost and what you get for that price. The cheapest isn’t going to be the best for everybody, and most people don’t want to over-pay, although it’s obvious that some people don’t mind at all. And there is no right or wrong, there is only what is right or wrong for you, and that’s what matters anyway.


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