Trolley Square to be Remodeled


The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Trolley Square will keep it’s exterior look as it is remodeled, beginning in January. The mall was built in the 1970’s over an old trolley complex, giving it it’s name, and currently has a dark feel with a lot of dead-end hallways and no real identity. With the movie theatres and comedy shows, the mall has strong community support and adds a lot to the area’s culture.

Mark Blancarte, vice president of development for Blake Hunt Ventures, which is partnering with mall owner ScanlanKemperBard in the renovation said better design will add about 20,000 square feet of retail space to the mall, which currently has about 160,000-square-feet.

Trolley Square is not only a state and nationally registered historic site, but sits in a prime location between 600-700 East and 500-600 South. The 97 ft. historic water tower, which was built to hold 50,000 gallons of water, lights up to tell the day’s weather (updated twice daily).

trolleyclear.jpg     Solid blue means clear. 

 trolleycloudy.jpg    Flashing Blue means cloudy.

 trolleyrain.jpg    Solid Red means rain.

 trolleysnow.jpg    Flashing Red means snow.

Blancarte also says there will be some outdoor features, such as water fountains, dining areas, and fireplaces.

About 30% of Trolley Square’s 3 million customers each year are tourists. Renovating such a great landmark will add to Salt Lake’s charm and secure the mall’s future in the area.


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