Patience is No Longer a Virtue…

… it’s a national treasure. In a world of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. and multi-channel surfing and instant replay and headline news and “feeder”-reprieve and text messaging and go-go-go we are a more efficient populace, but we are definately not patient.

When I search on Google I am told how many gigaseconds it took to find my results as if 0.00013 seconds means something different to me than 0.00045 seconds does. I mean, really- what is the cut-off point between fast and slow?


If I’m using a website I want it to be fast. And when people use my website they expect it to be fast, I know this because I get emails all the time complaining that it was too slow this time or that it was so fast the last time. Here is an excerpt from an email I received yesterday…

“…but having the best user-interface means less if it’s too slow. My last search took 17 seconds to load 102 houses. I suggest increasing your bandwidth, adding an additional server, or increasing the memory on your current server.”

First of all, we’ve added additional servers and increased our server’s memory several times to keep up with our growing traffic. But as anyone with a website knows, traffic is not a steady stream, it is a tidal wave followed by a trickle. One minute the site may take 17 seconds to load and then next it could take 5 seconds to do the same search.

And on a side note- if you’re on dial-up don’t complain to me about the speed– you wave all rights to complain by having dial-up. That’s like complaining to your car-dealer that your mini-van doesn’t handle well.

But 17 seconds isn’t really that long. Loading over 100 homes, including photos and detail information, and placing them on a map, takes some calculations. Let’s see you do it, smarty pants…

There is a contigency out there that supports Web 1.0 sites, or as I like to call them, “really boring template sites” because they are “fast”. So if I understand this arguement correctly, they would rather have a webpage that looks like a spreadsheet, has no substance, and is clogged with links and meta-tags if it will save you a few seconds of loading time?

Not me- I’d rather have all the goodies and a site with some soul. I like websites that are visually appealing, easy to use, and fun. And although I’m a pretty busy guy, getting all of that is worth an extra five or ten seconds.


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