Outdoor Smoking Ban Considered for Salt Lake City


Smoking in public places is getting more difficult in Salt Lake City as the city begins phasing in it’s new law banning the activity inside any public place. And now the city counsel is considering an ordinance to ban smoking from city-owned outdoor places as well.

The ordinance would prohibit smoking in most public places within the city limits, including  all 72 public parks, Library Square, Washington Square, the city cemetery and city-owned ball fields. Smoking would also be banned within 50 feet of public gatherings where 500 people or more are expected to gather for at least two hours, like the Jazz festival, the State Fair and the Arts festival.

Only 10.4 percent of the population in Salt Lake smokes, which is one reason Utah ranks fourth in America’s Health Rankings by the United Health Foundation.

Many other cities arond the country already have similar bans, including over 80 California cities such as L.A. and San Francisco. A two-year-old survey shows about 87-percent of the people living in Salt Lake County support an ordinance banning smoking in public areas.


One thought on “Outdoor Smoking Ban Considered for Salt Lake City

  1. you must consider the vast amount of tourists that visit the areas, they come from places that don’t have such stringent laws on smoking and would feel oppressed with these smoking laws. You must realize how much revenue tourism brings to your area and consider tourists going elsewhere because of your silly laws. You will lose a very large amount of revenue to your competitors.

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