Is Blogging a Job or a Hobby?

When I began blogging a few years ago my posts were basically just me describing things in my personal life and how I felt about them. Nobody was really blogging then, so there wasn’t much chance that anyone I knew would ever read my blog. I didn’t get too personal, but it was certainly much more personal than I would write about now. I would share my views on parenting or things my kids would do, and I also wrote about business some. But it was a hobby. It was something I did once in a while, like once a month.


Today there are millions of people reading and writing blogs every day and people are reading my blog and commenting on it. Now it is an extension of my website, which is the central part of my business. Now I feel an obligation to write. And not only write, but to write about things that people may want to read.

I do not write every day, but I write more days than not. And some days I post more than once. I don’t go nuts and write over 100 posts in a day, but I’ve written two or three.

So now I feel like blogging is part of my job. I enjoy blogging- it gives me an outlet, and those who know me know that I like to preach share my ideas about business and real estate and everything  other things.

We all have talents. But they are not all the same. I am horrible with details. Small things, like accounting and keeping up on business records. Sometimes I make an effort to be involved and help, but usually I mess things up and have to apologize for my “help”. If it were not for other people, people with a talent for the details, I could not have a business.

Some people who blog are very good at it. Just click on the links on my blogroll to see some of the best in the real estate world. Some of these blogs are amazingly good.


Sellsius and Future of Real Estate Blog  are probably my favorite on a day-to-day basis because they have the best content and they write about real estate stuff along with technology, business, and other things. Greg Swann at Bloodhound Blogis an industry blogging standard, with insightful views and even when I disagree with some of his views, I enjoy reading his opposing view because he always has some good points and it is always written well. I like Rain City Guide for the debates that go on in the comments, Realty Thoughts I usually agree with, Derek Rey at ReyEstate does’t post nearly enough, but when he does I’m entertained. Kris Berg at San Diego Home Blog is another excellent writer and in my opinion the best female blogger in the real estate realm. Hot Property and Inmanare corporate blogs, so they keep me grounded some, and Todd Tarson of MOCO Real Estate News  keeps me interested with an inside look at dealing with his local MLS and his business.

All of the above-mentioned blog as part of their job because people are reading them consistently and are looked at as industry experts, or at the very least, industry insiders.

Other people who blog are not very good at it. Many people who are not good at it think that they are, so they continue to post and submit and comment. Not that there’s anything wrong with them blogging, and some get better as they practice, but some are just annoying. Really, really annoying. Some post too much and comment all over the place with stupid points that make no sense. Many of these people not only wrongly think they are good citizen journalists, but desperately try to be clever with ridiculous stories that are boring and have no point whatsoever. I will not name any of these people, which is actually a shame, because they don’t know who they are, but they aren’t difficult to find.

ActiveRainis a real estate industry network and has some great real estate bloggers, but they also have a lot of crappy ones who post up to a thousand posts every day trying to earn points on the network.

Anyone thinking of getting into blogging as a job, I would refer to the blogroll so you can read some of the best, then I would counsel you to go Blogger, Technorati, and ActiveRain  and search around so you can find some that aren’t so good. This will allow you to consider whether you are willing to put in the work, and also allow you to think about whether you have a talent for writing or not. If you don’t have the talent for it at least read some good ones and get some tips before posting a dozen times every day to write about how you had to bring your dog to your open house or how much you like your new chair at the office.


There are a lot of great writers out there who haven’t yet begun to blog and when they do we will all benefit, especially when they begin to blog regularly, as a part of their job.


13 thoughts on “Is Blogging a Job or a Hobby?

  1. I love your blogs. Your take on things shows your passion. Even if I agree or not, I respect and am slightly jealous. Being a Team Leader for a KW office I have to sometimes filter. Oh I wish sometimes to be an agent again. I wrote you up in our Market Center newsletter as one of my favorite blogs to read. Keep it entertaining. I enjoy it.

  2. One of the beauties of blogging is that it is not part of my job. It is a choice that enables me to share my thoughts (even if that sharing is only with myself) and work out my ideas in a manner that allows for correction by those with similar, and sometimes dissimilar interests.

    My passion for blogging and real estate would be tempered if either were something that I had to do.

    There are good writers and bad writers out there, some with delusions of grandeur and others who blog quietly each and every day.

    The day that blogging becomes a requirement to hang a license in an office is the day that its luster and appeal will for me, die.

    Love your blog and read it whenever a fresh post pops up in my reader.


  3. It is nice to be read but quite another thing to be cited as a favorite read. That is truly an honor, especially coming from another blogger we respect. Thank you, Greg. We are also Blue Roof fans and wish your business great success.
    For a business person, the blog must find its place somewhere beyond hobby but not so much a business. There are interesting days ahead for us. But we travel the road together.

  4. Greg, Thank you for the “best female blogger” label. I had to laugh. Coming off of my 18th 29th birthday, it’s like looking good “for my age”. Damn, I hate those qualifiers! 🙂 At any rate, as one relatively new to this, I am both fascinated by the direction blogging is heading in our industry and curious to see (as Sellsius mentioned) how business blogging will evolve. It has definitely given me an outlet to share my opinions and to cleanse my soul of my real estate demons, but the great blogs (yours included) keep me informed. Dare I say, had it not been for my blogging addiction, my real estate world and therefore my perspective and value to my client would have been very small and unenlightened.

  5. Darin- one of the best parts of reading blogs is the ability to learn from each other no matter what company we’re with- I appreciate you reading mine.

    Kris- I hope my saying you are the best female blogger doesn’t imply that I am saying you are the best BUT ONLY FOR a female- I am using your gender as a reference for two reasons- first it shows the amount of respect I have for you being among the best and second, women have different points of views than men and some, like you, can write in a way that truly shows me things from a different perspective.

    Joel- I appreciate it, I was only playing (now that I know I’m blogrolled)…

  6. It is always an honor to be mentioned by a true leader in the business like yourself Greg. Thanks for the kind words as always.

    Blogging has become a part of what I love about this business. It certainly has helped in the learning process… even after the years spent so far as an agent.

    The industry faces competitive challenges like never before and I think the bloggers will be the leaders and will help to set the new standards. I’d love to be a part of that. Leaders are desperately needed at this time and it is people like you and the many others that you have mentioned that will hold that line.

  7. Just found you the other day and so far have really enjoyed your entries. I agree that there are good bloggers and not so good and then there are the ones that should not be blogging. Many of your favorite reads are mine which is how I found you. Checking other’s blogrolls are a great resource for finding quality (and entertaining!)content. I love the ability to interact and meet people I’d never meet otherwise. I also appreciate the respect conveyed even when there are differences of opinion, i.e., your comments about the Bloodhound. The Internet is truly making our world smaller by the minute!

  8. Comment about ActiveRain Network, I like to say this, I like ActiveRain, but I was taught not to judge the book by the cover….. Is Blogging a job or a hobby, well, that’s a wide open statement. When Blogging started everyone think their is the best…..But the bottom line it is the new age for blogging, for the real estate market blogs it is giving another way for the buyer and seller to read and see what happening in their area, so, I feel this its not a job or hobby, it’s a new age for getting the information out there in the front line….A good way to get Referral…..etc……Its a highway of information..

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  10. Gosh, I hope I don’t fall under “desperately try[ing] to be clever with ridiculous stories that are boring and have no point whatsoever.”

    Somebody stop me now if that’s the case. I could really use the time that I may be wasting on my blog articles.

    I echo your sentiment. The bad news is that we are still in an early adoption wave and the amount of bloggers (good and bad) is only going to increase 10 fold. However, by then, the cream will have risen to the top and the sites that showcase the real estate blogs that deserve to be showcased will be well established and the clutter will have mostly fallen to the wayside, left to die on the vine.

    See you at the top.

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