New Homepage



We just put up a new version of our homepage. As always, it’s a work in progress, but I’m looking for any suggestions, comments, ideas or critique’s.

If you have a minute to spare, check it out and and then either leave a comment or email me at


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Thanks for your time… Greg


7 thoughts on “New Homepage

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  2. Is it just my computer but the sliders have no labels?

    I do not know if I’m changing the beds or baths?

    I’m Using Firefox

  3. No labels, but the sliders appear?
    We’ll look into it- the site has been built on MAC with Firefox as our main test browser- what version of flash are you using?

  4. Flash player 7…

    yes, no labels, but the slider worked

    I looked at it with flash player 8, and I see the labels. It makes more sense with the labels.

  5. I’m showing this site to the new MLS board for the new Data Exchange we are producing. One question, are these listings from the IDX or are they just your brokerages?? I’m in a hurry and I couldn’t check for myself.

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