Zillow Gets It’s First Complaint

         It was only a matter of time until someone filed the first complaint against Zillow. The National Community Reinvestment Coalition(NCRC) has filed a bogus complaint with the FTC, alleging that Zillow’s property value estimates are misleading, uncool, unsavory, and basically- the devil. Of course, anyone can file a complaint against anyone, for about any reason, so this may not even go anywhere. Seems to be another example of the “I’m a victim” mentality. Oh, so Zillow’s estimates aren’t accurate?!? You mean a 4 second calculation really can’t tell me exactly what my home is worth? Duh… Zillow is simply a fun tool … Continue reading Zillow Gets It’s First Complaint

Building a Defensible Company

         When starting a new company, one of the critical questions an owner, and eventually the investors, need to ask themselves is, “What makes this company defensible against the competition?” or “How will this company survive out there?” Of course, this is in addition to the questions, “What is our unique selling position?”, “What in the world are we doing?” and “Where did all of my money go?” I came across a blog that referenced Redfin’s blog, where I read Glenn Kelman’s latest post, which also discusses a great post by Guy Kawasaki discussing this topic. Glenn, who I have met, and really … Continue reading Building a Defensible Company

Trolley Square to be Remodeled

              The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Trolley Square will keep it’s exterior look as it is remodeled, beginning in January. The mall was built in the 1970’s over an old trolley complex, giving it it’s name, and currently has a dark feel with a lot of dead-end hallways and no real identity. With the movie theatres and comedy shows, the mall has strong community support and adds a lot to the area’s culture. Mark Blancarte, vice president of development for Blake Hunt Ventures, which is partnering with mall owner ScanlanKemperBard in the renovation said better design will add … Continue reading Trolley Square to be Remodeled

Strong Q3 Appreciation for Salt Lake Area

              Third Quarter appreciation remained strong along the entire Wasatch Front. Salt Lake and Utah counties experienced especially strong price increases, with some areas appreciating as much as 40% but most areas keeping in line with a healthy growth rate of around 10-20% year-over-year. Many home buyers who have waited, trying to find that one perfect house are going to end up paying a lot more. And interest has gone up a bit and could go up more. The Utah market is definately not as hot as was this summer or even a month ago, mostly because of the seasonal slowdown … Continue reading Strong Q3 Appreciation for Salt Lake Area

Top 40 Business Expansion Markets for 2006

            ExpansionManagement.com released it’s findings yesterday for the Top 40 expansion markets in the country. Heading up the list for growth potential this year is New Orleans with its rebuilding opportunities, followed by Tulsa, El Paso, Burningham and Oklahoma City. Salt Lake City makes the list at #23, showing the Utah real estate market’s continuing strength. And ranks #50 on it’s list of America’s Hottest Cities. That list puts Nashville at the top spot ahead of Phoenix, Atlanta, Dallas and San Antonio. Describing where the information comes, the company says, “As in years past, the primary sources of data for the Top 40 Real … Continue reading Top 40 Business Expansion Markets for 2006

Patience is No Longer a Virtue…

… it’s a national treasure. In a world of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. and multi-channel surfing and instant replay and headline news and “feeder”-reprieve and text messaging and go-go-go we are a more efficient populace, but we are definately not patient. When I search on Google I am told how many gigaseconds it took to find my results as if 0.00013 seconds means something different to me than 0.00045 seconds does. I mean, really- what is the cut-off point between fast and slow?       If I’m using a website I want it to be fast. And when people use my … Continue reading Patience is No Longer a Virtue…

Realtor.com to Lose More Listings?

             Realtor.com has a lot of listings- millions of them, from all over the country. But, contrary to popular belief, they do not, and never have, had them all. Some companies have refused to allow the website, which is sponsored by the National Association of Realtors, to have access to their listing information. Many Realtors and brokers don’t like that they have to pay if they want information about their listings to show on the site, and many consumers go to the website thinking they will see every listing and get good information, only to be disappointed by the lack of information and … Continue reading Realtor.com to Lose More Listings?

Utah’s Job Growth Among Nations Best

        The Salt Lake Tribune reports Utah’s job growth is continuing its record pace. According to Workforce Services the state has added over 58,000 new jobs during the past twelve months. The article aslo reports that Utah’s unemployment rate is now at 2.8% which means, “Utah is basically in a state of full employment – meaning most anyone who wants a job can find one. ” Continue reading Utah’s Job Growth Among Nations Best

People Love BlueRoof! (or hate us)

I was reading Inman Blog and came across a post from Tuesday (no linkbacks) that mentioned this post from Real Estate 2.X which talks about how companies are buying the domain names of their company with the word “sucks” after it so people can’t buy that domain name. So, of course, I went and bought http://www.blueroofsucks.com because, like I mentioned on RE 2.X, if anyone’s going to talk about how much I suck, it’s going to be me. And then in my emal this morning Mike (our prez) sent me this photo from a fan, which I actually like quite a bit (ahem…)                And it … Continue reading People Love BlueRoof! (or hate us)

The Difference Between Good Realtors and Bad Agents

           First off, let me say that there are a lot of good Realtors out there, with many different brokerages. There is not just one brokerage that is good and there is not only one good Realtor out there. Many go to work every day taking care of their clients and doing the best job they can. Many real estate agents are not good at their work- not good for the industry or their clients. Of all the Realtors in the three states (Utah, Colorado, California) I have been a broker in, I would estimate that about 5 to 10 percent of real estate agents are … Continue reading The Difference Between Good Realtors and Bad Agents

National Foreclosure Rates and Rankings

RealtyTrac’s list of foreclosures per Metro-Area ranks Salt Lake City 17th, with a foreclosure for every 163 houselgolds. At the top of the list is Indianapolis with a foreclosed property for every 69 households and Atlanta with one in every 70. At the bottom is Providence, Rhode Island (1 out of every 48,000 households) and Madison, Wi with one on every 9020. Here are some of the other metro areas in the top ten. Metro Area % of households in foreclosure in Q1 1 foreclosure for every #households 1. Indianapolis 1.45 69 3. Dallas 1.01 99 5. Denver 0.95 105 7. Jacksonville, Fla. 0.75 … Continue reading National Foreclosure Rates and Rankings

Chasing Tail

     In business, we’re all chasing after something, or should I say, someone… Whatever your business is, whether it’s real estate or racquetballs, swimming pools or politics, it relies on the consumer- the customers and clients. And whether or not your company puts most of its resources into marketing or none at all, what the public thinks of your organization is important to its survival and growth. And this is where the act of marketing comes in. Magazine spreads, radio, television, Internet banners, pay-per-click, pay-per-call, pay-per-Digg, pay-per-view, pay-per-text, pay-per-blog, pay-per-lead, word of mouth, direct mail, billboard and outdoor signs, bus wraps and benches, public relations, … Continue reading Chasing Tail

National Real Estate Market Showing “Signs of Life”

     The National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) chief economist, David Lereah, says the housing market is “showing signs of life” and says, “Many potential home buyers who have been taking a wait-and-see attitude or taking their time and being methodical in the search process are being enticed by lower home prices.” He continues, “Given a positive economic backdrop of lower interest rates and job creation, we expect sales acivity to pick up early next year.” Existing-home sales are expected to drop 8.9% from last year, still making 2006 the third strongest year for sales behind the record-setting pace of … Continue reading National Real Estate Market Showing “Signs of Life”

Salt Lake Real Estate Market Continues to be Strong

The latest appreciation rates show the Salt Lake market continues to be strong across the board with every zip code showing at gain of no less than 10% year-over-year, and many cities showing gains of more than 20%. Of course reading the numbers only tells part of the story, and there are many factors that may contribute to an area gaining so rapidly. Many area’s numbers look incredible because of homes being bought, remodeled, and re-sold, which can give home’s a value increase of 50% or more in just a few months. The overall picture is a brisk, strong real … Continue reading Salt Lake Real Estate Market Continues to be Strong

The Healthiest States in America

The United Health Foundation ranks Minnesota as the healthiest state in the country, with Vermont, New Hampshire, Utah and Hawaii rounding out the top five. Below is the description of their components used for the rankings. Risk Factors Description Personal Behaviors Prevalence of Smoking Percentage of population over age 18 that smokes on a regular basis.  This is an indication of known, addictive, health-adverse behaviors within the population. (Table 18) Motor Vehicle Deaths Number of deaths per 100,000,000 miles driven in a state.  It is a proxy indicator for excessive drug and alcohol use within a population. (Table 19) Prevalence of … Continue reading The Healthiest States in America

Outdoor Smoking Ban Considered for Salt Lake City

                 Smoking in public places is getting more difficult in Salt Lake City as the city begins phasing in it’s new law banning the activity inside any public place. And now the city counsel is considering an ordinance to ban smoking from city-owned outdoor places as well. The ordinance would prohibit smoking in most public places within the city limits, including  all 72 public parks, Library Square, Washington Square, the city cemetery and city-owned ball fields. Smoking would also be banned within 50 feet of public gatherings where 500 people or more are expected to gather for at least two hours, like … Continue reading Outdoor Smoking Ban Considered for Salt Lake City

Is Blogging a Job or a Hobby?

When I began blogging a few years ago my posts were basically just me describing things in my personal life and how I felt about them. Nobody was really blogging then, so there wasn’t much chance that anyone I knew would ever read my blog. I didn’t get too personal, but it was certainly much more personal than I would write about now. I would share my views on parenting or things my kids would do, and I also wrote about business some. But it was a hobby. It was something I did once in a while, like once a month. … Continue reading Is Blogging a Job or a Hobby?

Downtown Salt Lake City Gets Major Face-Lift in new City Creek Center

(Photo: Salt Lake Tribune) Downtown Salt Lake City is in for a major face-lift to be completed in 2011. The project named City Creek Center will encompass 20 acres right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City between 100 East and West Temple and 100 South and South Temple. Planned for the project is 2 Million square feet of leasable office space, 928,000 square feet of retail space, 5600 underground parking stalls, over 400 high-rise condos (not including additional future residential development), a sky-walk over State Street and more than 6 full acres of open-air pedestrian walkways and paths, including a glass-roof arcade, … Continue reading Downtown Salt Lake City Gets Major Face-Lift in new City Creek Center

Acheiving Success

  “You’ve achieved success in your field when you don’t know whether what you’re doing is work or play.” – Warren Beatty Ah, Success! We all want it- countless books are written about it, companies strive for it, athletes push their bodies to exhaustion and celebrities go days without eating for it, yet most people have no idea what it truly is.  What does it mean to be successful? The question, of course, does not have a correct answer because the answer is different depending on who you ask. But most many people do not know what success is to them. … Continue reading Acheiving Success

New BlueRoof.com Homepage

                  We just put up a new version of our homepage. As always, it’s a work in progress, but I’m looking for any suggestions, comments, ideas or critique’s. If you have a minute to spare, check it out and BlueRoof.com and then either leave a comment or email me at greg@blueroof.com.                 Take Our Poll Thanks for your time… Greg Continue reading New BlueRoof.com Homepage