Real Estate Blog-a-thon Today


Oh, those crazy kids… Sellsius Blog put up 50 posts in a day, which inspired Greg Swann at Bloodhound Blog and Ardell DellaLoggiato challenge each other to a blog-a-thon to see who could post 101 posts in a day.

And that day was today- check out the play by play at Property Monger.

Greg took the race from the beginning, not just with the amount of posts, but also in content. He actually maintained a high level of information and interesting topics, which is really amazing. It’s tough enough to be interesting with one or two posts/day.

So the real question is… what will they talk about tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “Real Estate Blog-a-thon Today

  1. Wow. What an event. We were half kidding when we made the off the cuff challenge. We never thought anyone would take it seriously. But then Ardell & Greg said they’d do it. We knew some blogging history was going to be made. No one in their right mind would try to duplicate it anytime soon.

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