Census Data by County

Zillow created some pretty neat heat maps using census info around the country using census data- those guys are clever.


This map shows median age of county’s around the country. It’s no surprise that Utah has so much green around it, as the state has the youngest population in the nation. I was, however, surprised with how many older people are living up in the cold north of the west and midwest.


Here we can see population growth by county. Red shows areas with a lot of growth. It’s interesting to see how clustered the growth appears to be. Some areas grow rapdily because of job creation (Salt Lake City), while others grow for reasons such as investment opportunities of the market (Arizona, Vegas). The west is definatley the hot spot, literally.


Looking at this map showing average median income around the country, it makes sense that many large cities have a high average income, if for no other reason than it costs a ton to live in them, but looking at the high average incomes in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and Denver also show that you can make a good income and live in an area that will allow you to enjoy that income.

Douglas, Colorado tops the list;

  • Douglas, CO – $130,146
  • Loudon, VA – $127,118
  • Fairfax, VA – $121,044
  • Hunterdon, NJ – $119,787
  • Los Alamos, NM – $117,563

And the lowest average incomes are in McDowell, West Virginia;

  • Kalawao, HI – $8,852
  • Buffalo, SD – $17,609
  • Wilcox, AL – $20,885
  • Holmes, MS – $21,275
  • McDowell, WV – $21,617


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