Realtor President is a Typical Home Seller


Tom Stevens, the president of the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR), and senior vice-president for NRT, Inc. (which owns Coldwell Banker, ERA, and Century 21 real estate companies) is selling his home.


For over a year the home has sat on the market because Mr. Stevens did not listen to his real estate agent and wanted to sell for more than his home was worth. “What I should have done,” confessed Stevens, “was listened to my agent and cut the price by $50,000 to $100,000 early on, and the property would have sold last October.”

As a home seller, we all want to sell for as much as we possibly can. And even the president of the Realtor’s Association doesn’t always want to hear what his agent tells him.

And this is natural.

He added, “I should have listed it a month earlier” and  continued, “[My Realtors] sent the letter telling me the listing was approaching a year” and that the price needed another look, he said. “They’re doing their job as agents. I’m not doing my job as a seller.”


Stevens four bedroom, three and a half bath home in Great Falls, Virginia, also has two acres of land and has been listed for $1,450,000.



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