Viewr set to launch this month


Viewr, a yet-to-be-launched real estate website, which is calling itself “A Global View on Real Estate”, is currently making an effort to sign up agents and brokers to have some participation for their launch later this month.


They’re using AJAX and the pieces they are showing look clean and user-friendly. Questions remain as to how the experience will feel when using the site and more importantly, can a real estate website be global?

Real estate is so local, and getting agents and brokers to adopt could prove challenging unless there is value for them. They won’t be getting data from MLS system’s, which is probably smart because it would cost a fortune to get that many license agreements. Instead they are relying on having agents and consumers submit their information directly.


11 thoughts on “Viewr set to launch this month

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  2. CAUTION! Karl Lingenfelder has lost his hawaii real estate license …. in april of 2006 and continues to operate Maui Real Estate Company (…. Viewr has little value if any ….

    This is an ammended comment. Blog Host has deleted some remarks as being crude personal attacks.

  3. Karl,

    I cannot call you back because the phone number you called me from has a blocked caller-ID. Googling your name- the first result is the official court order showing you lost your license and the arbitration findings, yet you demand that I delete comments on my blog about you that claim what appears to be the truth.

    I do not want my blog to have personal attacks of any kind about an individual, but facts are facts. Has this court order been turned?

  4. Firsto Lasto has discredited himself and proven himself for what he is a disgruntled and deeply unhappy person.

    (We know who he is.)

    Unfortunately for the Internet, these things can have a long life.

    Unfortunately as many Agents know, it can be easy to get caught up in litigation and even if one is innocent. Justice is not always served.

    In the meantime, has gone on to do great things and evolve and progress in wonderful ways.

    We have a terrific and powerful new tool that can be used by any agent, independently to auto import and update entire databases of listings without any input from viewr.

    This tool is being used by agents all over the Globe.

    If you want more info or have questions, just email me.

    — Karl Lingenfelder (Not anonymous)

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