Designs Unveiled for Freedom Towers 2, 3, and 4

        Designs Unveiled for Freedom Tower's Neighbors

The Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in New York will be the world’s tallest building at 1776 feet, and will have neighbors. And now we know what mostof those neighbors will look like. Freedom Towers 2, 3 and 4 have been designed (Tower 5 has not yet been designed) and their designs were revealed yesterday.

Tower 2 was designed by Norman Foster and will feature four diamond rooftops that will light up at night and draw your eyes downward to the tree-filled memorial park. “Wherever you are … and you look at this tower, it will tell you where the memorial park is,” he said. At 1254 feet tall, it will be as high as the Empire State Building.

Tower 3 was designed by Richard Rogers and will be 1255 feet tall at the top of it’s four 100-foot spires that will be at each corner. The exterior of the building has criss-crossing diagonal beams.  He called it “a very slim tower, clearly structured, clearly legible” and said he wanted to create an effect of reaching into the sky.

Tower 4 was designed by Fumihiko Maki of Tokyo and will be the first to begin construction. Maki called his 61-story tower an “abstract, minimalist” creation and said it would be clad in a perforated aluminum that would make it the lightest-colored of the three buildings. It has a classic and elegant look.

The towers were designed to spiral downward around the memorial park, which features two reflecting pools in the footprints of the twin towers.


Read more at Forbes and The New York Times.


2 thoughts on “Designs Unveiled for Freedom Towers 2, 3, and 4

  1. I truly do thing that the other three buildings make the freedom tower look slighty underthought by comparison, but the combination of the four actually looks poetic and striking. It works together. I was not a fan of the freedom towers design, but i think the complex with these well designed structures included will make it a standout in the New York skyline.

  2. Just like I thought a well planned attack on American soile dreamed up by the government and the so called terrorist involved. How convenient to build these freedom towers all bought and paid for through the blood of thousands of americans having died on that 9-11 .

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