Shhh, your TV is listening…


The Technology Review published an article Thursday describing a new technology Google is designing that will allow your television to listen to what you are watching and send related information, and ads of course, to your computer.

Google says the technology “fingerprints” the data, which protects the user’s privacy and prevents the information from being monitered, but that might be a tough sell for a public that has just recently seen AOL release the search histories of over 650,000 users and the chaos that it created.

Think of the energy hackers would put into this. Imagine someone being able to listen to every word being said in your living room?

Apparently the way it works is your television would “listen” to what is on the TV and then send 5-second audio files, or snippets, to a main-frame where the data would analyzed and processed and then information would be sent to your computer.

But do we really want information about survival techniques and ads for Swiss Army knives sent to us every time we watch Survivor?

Here’s a great comment left by A.ndy on Google Blogoscoped;

Yeah, right, and let Google listen in to all the conversations we’re having in the room and provide “relevant ads”..Or provide hair-care product infos by means of your webcam for that matter. Maybe we’re not yet fully aware of what “All the world’s information” really implies …



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