What are People Thinking…?

The Tribune recently ran an article about Google Trends, which allows you to type in a keyword and see which cities search for that keyword the most (among other things). And it got me thinking about what people in the Salt Lake area are really thinking about. The great thing about looking at search stats is that this is really looking at the human psychy. This is what people are looking for when noone else is around- so there’s probably more integrity to the numbers than any survey.

It does not tell us how many actual searches are performed- only how the top ten cities rank according to those search terms. So in the vain of curiosity, here is what people in Salt Lake City are searching for, and therefore, thinking about (according to Google Trends rankings).

Remember- this is where Salt Lake City ranks in the entire nation for cities searching for these search terms.

Search Term——–SLC Rank

Family                         1

Jesus                          1

Teens                         3

Family Activities            2

Family Games               2

Concerts                      2

Kids Games                  1

And Salt Lakers like recreation

Hiking                          1

Skiing                          3

River Rafting                6

Camping                      4

Outdoor Activities         2

But don’t call us prudes?

Sex                             5

Adult                           7

And people of Salt Lake care about their appearance

Anorexia                       1

Bulimia                          1

Eating Disorder              1

Which leads to

Prozac                           6

And we like our games

Nintendo                        10

Sims                              8

Playstation                      5

XBox                              1

iPod                                5

Other interesting rankings

News                             6

National News                 10

World News                   N/A

Money                             1

Work at Home                 3

Parties                            8


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