America’s Favorite Cities (allegedly)

travel-leisure-logo.gif According to Travel Leisure, and specifically, their subscribers, New York ranks as the city with the most activities and is the best city for family trips and Honolulu is the favorite city for people, romance, and quality of life. 


And what does this tell you? It tells you that they purposely left Salt Lake City off the list so it wouldn’t dominate and make everyone else feel bad- and that’s very considerate.

But, just to keep things local- here is my list of Favorite Cities in Salt Lake County. 


Cottonwood Heights

This is a cool city for a few reasons- it’s slogan is, “City between the Canyons” and it’s got some of the best restaurants (Tuscany, Market Street) and bars (Oyster Bar, Hog Wallow, Canyon Inn), plus it’s just a beautiful city to be in. Neighborhoods range from the most prestigious in the state (the Cottonwoods) to (relatively) affordable.

         union-park.jpg    mountains-on-i215.jpg

South Jordan

South Jordan is a cool city because it was planned well. This is a good example of a city that started to grow so the city council got together and created a master plan for the city and it’s growth. And they planned it well. Builders were required to put in park spaces and the aesthetics are wonderful, with the tree lined roads and brick curbing. And the lot sizes were planned so it doesn’t feel cramped. Zoning allows for some creativity, but also keeps things from getting out of control.

        sj-map.gif  sj-home.jpg


There’s a lot to do in Draper, with all the trails and hiking and the best paragliding and handgliding in the state. The best gym, the Treehouse, is in Draper, and there are some great neighborhoods (Cranberry Hill, Steeplechase, Draper Heights).

       draper.jpg    draper1.jpg


Taylorsville is becoming a pretty cool city. With all the renovation along the shopping strip of Redwood Road, the tree’s the city has planted along 6200 South, and the new Ivory development of $500,000 homes right next to homes selling for $200,000. There’s also a great rec center on 2700 West by the library, and along the canal road is a cool (hidden) neighborhood, too. 

   tayorsville4.jpg  taylorsville1.jpg   taylorsville2.jpg


Always the most in-demand place to live in the county- no matter what season or what the market is doing- this is always the easiest place to sell a home. It’s right along the mountain and has some of the most charming homes anywhere in the state. And of course there’s 9th and 9th and 15th and 15th and the best park (Sugarhouse park) in the county and some great shopping along 21st south. And the best spas are in Sugarhouse.

     sugarhouse.jpg    sugarhouse1.jpg


Downtown Salt Lake has a great, clean, friendly feel to it. It lacks nightlife for being the downtown area, but it has some great bars (Port-O-Call, Red Door) and restaurants (New Yorker, Bacci’s, Lamb’s, Red Iguana) and the Gallivon Center is cool, with the concerts and ice skating. Gateway is the best mall in the state and the downtown malls will be cool if they ever get finished. And the wide streets are cool for a downtown.

     slc.gif     slc1.jpg 

There are a lot of great cities in the county, but these are all examples of cities that have some identity and have citizens that elect people who will improve their neighborhoods.




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