Real Salt Lake- Soccer Stadium is a Go

Looks like the Real Salt Lake soccer stadium will be built in Sandy after all.

Dave Checketts, owner of Real Salt Lake, Utah’s professional soccer team, announced this morning that the team will be building it’s stadium at the on again/off again proposed site in Sandy.


Dave Checketts, owner of Real Salt Lake- (Jim Urquhart/The Salt Lake Tribune)

Rocky Anderson, the mayor of Salt Lake City announced today, “Real Salt Lake, along with David Beckham, will be breaking ground for a stadium in Sandy. There are obviously some details to work out under the proposal with the Salt Lake County Council and Salt Lake County mayor, but [RSL owner Dave] Checketts is confident they they’ll be moving forward and Real Salt Lake will remain in Utah.”

Groundbreaking was today at noon and featured David Beckham, of the Real Madrid soccer team (in town for tonight’s game).


Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan, Dave Checketts and Real Madrid soccer player David Beckham break ground on Real Salt Lake’s new stadium in Sandy. (Jim Urquhart/The Salt Lake Tribune)

RSL gets $55Million from parking funds, hotel taxes and redevelopment funds from the city. In return RSL will donate $7.5Million toward a soccer complex at 2300 N Redwood Road, erect an eco-friendly stadium, give $1Million/year to tourism promotion, commit to staying in the county for 30 years, give the county .50 cents for every non-concert stadium ticket sold.

Sounds like a bunch of politicking going on. I had hoped the stadium would be built at the fairgrounds location on North Temple, but I am glad we’re getting the stadium built, and it’s actually a pretty good area for it- with Jordan Commons right there and light-rail.

Sandy City Mayor, Tom Dolan, expects the stadium to open in 2008.


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