Somebody Close the Floodgates!

Too many people are getting into the real estate industry- way too many. In my 13 years in the business there have always been too many, but today it’s out of control and we need to do something about it.

Too many agents means too many crappy agents, and too many people who get into the business, do a lousy job trying to sell one house, get out of the business and leave the sellers with a bad taste for Realtors in general.

And with too many people there are too many people making bad promises, cheating for business, and doing stupid things to get business.

This is a self-policing industry and we need to weed out the bad agents. This includes agents who:

Lie to people about the services they provide

Lie to people about how much their home is worth to get a listing

Do not answer their phones

Do not return phone calls

Have “Price it right and put it on the MLS” as their marketing plan

Have MLS remarks that say, “Do not call agent- fax offers to_ _ _” or any variation thereof

Slander other agents trying to get a listing

Do not fully explain agency and what it means to the client

Think that abrogation means your clients aren’t your concern after closing

Instruct their buyers to drive around looking at homes and call listing agents and then let them know when they’ve found something they want to see, expecting to just get paid a full fee.

Use agency agreements as a ball-and-chain with their clients- doing a crappy job and not allowing sellers to get a better agent/ doing a crappy job and expecting to get paid when a buyer buys with another agent, etc.

If we all police our industry and report the agents who give us a bad name, maybe we can help make our profession… well, ¬†professional. Those of us who really care about helping people and believe in agency should be allowed to help people who want our help, without having all the bad agents screwing it up for everyone.


6 thoughts on “Somebody Close the Floodgates!

  1. As a member of the Arizona Professional Standards Committee I find myself on hearing panels that pit members of the public against Realtors under various code of ethics violation allegations.

    This is a touchy subject for me because of my position. While I don’t like to sick the dogs on anyone else in this business… it’s actually our duty to do so. That means if you or me or any agent is witness to violations to the code of ethics we — WE as Realtors — should be filing the complaints and having the public be the witness.

    Members of the public do not present their cases very well simply because they are not familiar with the code of ethics like Realtors are. Heck, I’ve served on some panels recently where the respondant (think defendant) actually gets out of the complaint because of a technicality, i.e. not enough proof or evidence of a code violation. Oh I absolutely hate those hearings.

    So how serious are we in wanting to clean up or clean out the agents that give the biz a poor name?? We willing to tattle?? We should be. We better be.

    The other factor here is the brokers. I won’t speak for your market or state and I don’t intend to throw any particular broker in my area or state under the bus with this…

    The quality of brokers for brand new agents to choose from is horrible. You can tell there is little to zero oversight with the work that one may encounter (sorta like you described already).

    I don’t have a realistic solution, but my idea would be to institute a mentoring or apprentice program. A new Realtor would take the hours and pass the test just like they do now, but wouldn’t get their license to practice real estate until they served with a qualified broker for a term that would equal a final exam to receive the license.

    Like I said, not realistic, but it’s from ideas that bring real solutions. And I would say we are desparate for solutions.

  2. Now that the housing market is cooling down a bit, expect to see the floodgates reversed. Todd, I like your idea about a “Realtor Internship” — it would cut down on people who jump into real estate to make a quick buck as an agent.

  3. I agree Todd- that’s a great idea and I think it would benefit the agents and the public quite a bit.

    That’s why you’re the big guy- let me know if you find a way to implement something like that.

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  5. I get a kick out of the flight attendants, nurses and teachers who sell real estate on the side. As business gets tougher and more expensive the hobby real estate agents will move on to something else. New agents who come into the business will need to be more tech savvy and professional if they want to survive.

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