Working with Dinosaurs

I remember Ms. Archibald in second grade teaching us all about the dinosaurs and I was fascinated by them. Their size and strength and how long they ruled over the planet. The T-Rex was awesome- not one kid in the class wasn’t totally impressed with the T-Rex and it’s menacing presence. I was intrigued and excited and fascinated.

And I remember learning about their extinction. And while there are plenty of theories about how they became extinct, they did, in fact, go away. There are still ancestors of the dinosaur, like the crocodile and some species of fish. Come to think of it, I even wonder about this girl I used to date.

Since we launched BlueRoof I have had some pretty interesting conversations around the industry and it’s trajectory. I have heard incredible things. I have heard leaders of mega-companies preach about how the internet is overvalued and I have read the blogs (and comments from “anonymous” people) who declare that the status quo is safe and new models will perish as in years past, how the 6% commission will stay or even go up now that the market is turning, and how only “full service”, which actually means “full 6% commission” companies will survive because they are the only companies (even though many of their agents suck) that can negotiate or represent people well.

And I find myself fascinated again- with dinosaurs.

The big, strong, slow, dumb, dinosaurs. They are big and they are strong and they have ruled the planet for decades. And they still rule today, but they are destined to fade away. Of course, there will be some that will survive but they will be evolved and will be considered ancestors of the true dinosaurs.

This is what happens when a species refuses to evolve. The DNA in them cannot accept their natural evolution so mother nature kills them off. And it’s not a single moment, smite-you-down, sort of event. It’s a process that occurs and it takes a while and there will be debate over what actually caused the extinction, but it will happen.

And what will be left will be the fast-moving, dynamic, open and online companies that adapt and evolve with the consumer. And the consumer will ultimately be the ones who win.

And they will rejoice and wine will flow freely amongst them and, and… and verily I say unto you that this will be good and even so much that they shall be cleansed and the angels will sing and…. wait, I may be getting carried away a bit- you get the picture- it’ll be pretty cool.

There are a lot of good agents out there that will see their business grow stronger as the industry evolves because they will evolve with it and they will give the consumer, their client, what they want. These are agents who don’t throw rocks and then hide behind the anonymity of blog commenting or the name of their company.

These are agents who are interested in people and embrace change and will probably be leading the evolution- and they’ll be fascinated.


2 thoughts on “Working with Dinosaurs

  1. Only recently am I catching on to what many leaders, including you, are saying about this. As a local Association president I am not currently informing the Members about what is coming down the road and pliable an agent or a broker is going to have to be. For the first time there is going to be outside competition from other business sources, not just un-represented sellers (FSBO’s).

    How is NAR responding?? I can’t say that I’ve seen all that much in this regard. How are the big brokers responding?? Ditto.

    Luckily some of us agents are starting to see the writing on the wall (like me), while others have been noticing this for some time (folks like you). This means we will adjust to our competition and to our prospective clients needs… or we WILL be out of this biz.

    Excellent observation by you sir.

  2. Your company seems like it is more about helping people than about commission. But how will you make money if you are giving your money away?

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