Feng Shui and the benefits of energy

                   Feng Shui is an ancient oriental term that means “the way of wind and water”.  It’s all about energy, the flow of energy and how it enhances or detracts from your life.

Europeans call  it Geomancy.  Architects have used it for the physical layout and design of many cities such as Washington DC.

What the ancients discovered is that the placement and layout of physical objects in your environment effects the flow of energy in your life. They created a compass.

The compass is called the Luopan, and it’s a tool used to measure “the facing” and what’s called the soothing or sitting direction. That can be the front door, or it can be the most open view that you have from your house. In other words, if you have big windows facing the ocean, your facing direction would be in the direction of the ocean. 

   feng.gif  baquamap04.gif

Feng Shui and associated disciplines comprise the study of these energy flows.  It also deals with how you should arrange your environment to gain the best possible advantages in your life.   

For example,  the direction your house faces.  If you are building a new house, and you can decide which direction it faces, it would be good to know which direction will benefit your life the most.  And you can find out by using Feng Shui.  If you were buying an existing house and find out the direction was not set in your best interest, you would need to know how to use Feng Shui techniques to counter the ailment.

Where Not to Live

Feng Shui teaches the troubles of living near casinos, government buildings, temples, butcher’s shops, graveyards, hospitals or straight roads. Casinos are a bad place to live near because they may bring crime which would unbalance the system. Government buildings reserve most of the area’s vital energy, and would leave none for a person living by it. Temples leave an imbalance in the yin and yang. Butcher’s shops contaminate an area with killing, which is said to block the flow of chi. It’s not a good idea to live by a graveyard, as unhappiness and sorrow would spread. Sickness destroys the vital energy, so near a hospital is not an advisable place to live. Living near a straight road pointed towards the houses is said to invite evil energy.

Where to Live

If possible, live near a winding, meandering river or road as they invite good energy. But do not live near a river with loud rapids as it disturbs one’s tranquillity. A hill or mountain behind the home helps protect the home from cold winter winds, with smaller hills to the side of the house.

Your House

In Feng Shui, a home is not to be different in any major way from the neighbourhood. A house is not to be much taller than nearby houses, it is also bad to have a home much smaller than nearby houses. To stand out prominently is bad for the flow of chi. In keeping with this idea of not standing out, a rectangular house is most suitable. It is also very important to have a house with good ventilation and sunlight. This is to ensure that it receives vital energy.

Some general rules for furniture placement:

  • A piece of furniture should be at least a few inches off the floor to let chi move freely.
  • Each room should contain the minimal amount of furniture necessary.
  • There should be at least three feet between each piece of furniture.
  • Position the furniture so that it has a good view of the entrance, but slanted so that you do not have a direct view, as a direct view may invite chi that would be too fierce.
  • Don’t position your seats in front of a sharp object, as this invites killing chi. 
  • energy moves around rooms also, don’t position your bed under a split in vaulted ceilings as this cuts your energy



When arranging furniture in the dining room ensure that chairs do not restrict doorways. There should be ample space for guests to walk around the table without having to manoeuvre around chairs or other furniture.


The floor plan of your house is important, and where your room is located in the home can effect your energy. Here is a layout showing where different energys exist in a home. 




The Art of Feng Shui


Feng Shui News




4 thoughts on “Feng Shui and the benefits of energy

  1. Some great tips and information on Feng Shui. One thing to realize is that you can place the bagua over a plot of land, over a house floor plan or over an individual room. The position of the bagua is based on the entrance into the space or how the chi / energy enters the space. So the door or entry way will always be in wisdom, career, or helpful people.

    For additional feng shui tips and answers to common questions, visit http://www.kenlauher.com/feng-shui-tips/.

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  3. What about the entrance to your home. If you walk in the front door and see a view of the ocean I thought the energy goes right through the room so sitting in the living room (between the front door and the porch/ocean) is uncomfortable. Should we put wall up so you see a piece of art first rather than straight thru to the ocean?

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