Utah’s Top Golf Courses

How do you choose the best golf courses in an entire state? Some like a course that you can walk, others don’t like to wait behind people taking twenty minutes per hole. Some like a course with difficult 5-par holes and sand and water hazards scattered throughout while others like a more pleasantly simple course. Some place scenery as the most important factor and some might say the lay and grass quality would be more important.

Some resources;

GlenWild tops the list of Utah’s top golf courses according to Golf Digest.

Best Courses ranks Coral Canyon tops.

Golf Link and Golf Week rate Thanksgiving Point as the top course.

Utah.com even ranks the top 18 Holes in the state.

CitySearch ranks the Homestead as the top course in the state with a 9.8 out of 10 rating from 5 users.

WorldGolf  and Golf4Utah don’t rank them, but list a bunch with comments.

And the Deseret News ranks the top 10 Utah Tourneys

Utah’s top 10 amateur golf tourneys

      1. Salt Lake City Amateur — Bonneville Golf Course
      2. Art City Amateur — Hobble Creek Golf Course
      3.Salt Lake City Open — Wingpointe Golf Course/Bonneville Golf Course
      4. Dixie Red Hills Amateur — Dixie Red Hills Golf Course
      5. Provo Open — Reserve at East Bay
      6. Cache Valley Open — Birch Creek Golf Course/Logan River
      7. Rose Park Open — Rose Park Golf Course
      8. Coral Canyon Open — Coral Canyon Golf Course
      9. Spanish Oaks Open — Spanish Oaks Golf Course
      10. Black Diamond Open — Carbon Country Club
      *List does not include UGA sponsored events

So which is the best of all these great courses? Depends on your definition. My favorite course is Old Mill (see photo tour here), especially if I only have an hour to hit the driving range with it’s view of the valley.


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