A Start-up Business Lesson- Beginning with the Beginning in Mind

Our parents teach us about doing things right and finishing what we start, business coaches teach us how to plan ahead, school teachers teach us how and why things are done and all of these people teach us to begin new jobs “with the end in mind”. We are taught this because they want us to learn the very valuable lessons of completing tasks and planning ahead for the future. And this is good.

But when starting a new business, one lesson I have learned is that while it is critical to have a solid plan and vision for your company, it is also imperative to think short-term. This is so important because as you are starting out every day seems to be a week crammed into a 24 hour period. There is so much to do every hour and all of these have to be done right now and they have to be done right. And many things need to be in some sort of sequence.

And if you don’t survive the first few months, and make some money quickly the end may come all too soon. Of course, depending on your financial situation, your time frames will vary. If you have $Millions to burn before you make anything than you’re way ahead of me because I don’t.

Our team is scrambling to build the systems and support each other, while at the same time make some money to keep us going. Each step takes effort to get us to the next.

As far as I’m concerned the beginning is the most important part of our company’s success, because right now- it’s all we’ve got…


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