Yahoo is a Mess

If you spend a lot of time online working, searching, researching, and running a business, as I do, you probably already know that Yahoo is a mess.

Trying to use their paid advertising system is like getting your head kicked repeatedly by a mule. They’ve made the process about as complicated and user-unfriendly as possible. It’s almost like they have tried to make it a crappy process. Either that or they are untalented at design and customer service.

They’re pretty good at making a lot of money from people in a ton of different ways. But it seems like the money is all they care about.

Their search results are not relevant and they seem to make no strides to make it any better. They make you go through this intense process to get your paid ads online, including having a worker personally approve your ads, which is a total joke. My real estate website was originally deemed to not be a real estate website, which is interesting because the only thing it has on it’s landing page is real estate information.

If they had people actually look at search results maybe they would be able to place better sites higher on their organic results, instead of only wordy sites with as many useless links as possible. I go to a website to find information, not a hundred links to other sites with links so I can go to more sites with links. Where do the links stop and I find a good, user friendly site?

SEO in general is retarded. It rewards a site for being as generic as possible. Search engines like wordy sites with lots of repetitive phrases and tons of links. There is no algorithm for user friendliness or design, or even functionality, which is important to the person using the site.

All search engines have challenges, but Yahoo has more than the rest, beginning with the company’s want to make as much money from as many people as possible without caring about those people and what they want.

Google, by contrast, has such a simple process to place ads and much better relevance in their results, although Google also doesn’t reward a site’s user-friendiness, functionality, or design.

If search engines really want to make a great leap that should be their focus. Placing the very best overall sites at the top of the results. And Yahoo might want to get a soul..


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