There’s Enough Real Estate Business for Everyone

So many different business models- different value propositions, different benefits, different strategic unfair advantages… Everyone has their own reasons why they are the best or they are the right choice but really, does everyone have to be the one and only? Gets sort of tiresome to me.

Sure, we all have our strengths, but there is no one and only choice in any industry, especially an industry like real estate where most companies are the same. Thank goodness for the new models coming into real estate- talk about a breath of fresh air.

When the consumer has informed choices they’ll choose what’s right for them. The best advantage is in having choices that many consumers will like- and not because they were persuaded it’s the right choice, but because they know their options and they understand the differences and then they choose you.

Some people think that if one person or company does well, then it must mean that they won’t/can’t and that’s just silly. There is plenty of business to go around. And it helps to be supportive of your competition. When sales people talk down the competition it only makes them look desperate and unprofessional. It’s good to point out differences and explain options, and then leave it with them deciding what they want.

I hope the days of the “hard close” are over for most sales people. Nobody likes to be pushed and everyone likes to have options. So let’s give them options. Oh,and good service would be nice, but that’s a whole different post.


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