Buyer Power

Buyers searching for a home today have more information and leverage than ever before. There are thousands of websites that give a buyer information on local markets, including school reports, area info, crime stats, geographical concerns and climate. And of course home information, too.

Even in a “Seller’s” market the buyer has a lot going for them. It costs them nothing to have a knowledgeable Realtor assist them and there are tons of great markets right now to invest in.

Real estate purchase contracts are written to protect the buyer and with all the disclosures and inspections available nowadays most buyers can avoid the pitfalls that were more common in years past.

Most of the people who rent just don’t realize how easy it is for them to buy. If children were taught by their parents how easy it can be to buy and how smart it is to buy, the rental markets around the country would probably crumble because noone would want to rent.

If buying your own home is still the American Dream, it’s easier now to get it than ever before…


One thought on “Buyer Power

  1. It is innevitable that technology is continuing to give buyers great leverage when pursuing a home purchase. The new buyers (aka – the younger generation) has it WAY easier than their parents and grandparents had when it comes to acquiring real estate and homes for themselves and their families. We have our ups and downs but the American Dream is still that – home ownership; pursue it!

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