Backyards Get Extreme

Used to be that people wanted some room for a small garden where they could grow tomatoes or maybe a swingset for the kids. Some even thought about room to plant a few fruit trees. Today more people are choosing to turn their backyards into full out waterparks and outdoor living areas. Some want a place where the kids can have fun while under the watchful eye of mom and dad, while others would just rather have the fun of a park without losing their privacy. Here are some of the latest trends;

Rock Your World

Don’t let little things like space get in your way. Go vertical with huge boulders, rock and brick. Shape waterfalls, waterslides and just about anything else you can think of.

Outdoor Kitchens

The kitchen may be the most important room in the house, but it’s also becoming the center of the outdoor living space. Whether part of a patio or bar area, or an all together separate space with a fireplace and ceiling, today’s outdoor kitchens are getting to be as nice (and expensive) as their indoor counterparts.

Pools, Waterfalls, and Water Features

Remember that little four-foot wide blue plastic wading pool you played in as a kid? You could use that to slide down some of today’s waterslides. Fifteen foot waterfalls, rope swings, hot tubs that flow into the pool from five feet above, fiber optic lighting systems, and audio powerhouses that turn your home waterpark into a concert venue.

Make friends with your neighbors and maybe they’ll let you come over without admission.


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